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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  October 16, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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car. he then fired his weapon hitting the driver and passenger. you can see the scene over here. the dark sedan over there. a spokesperson from the portion county says an officer was working security at the rugged warehouse, right over here. he went outside after he spotted two women who appeared to be shoplifting. he got somehow his arm entangled in the window and that's when he was hit by the car. he is being treated for nonlife- threatening injuries. all of this happened an hour and a half ago. the investigation is ongoing. plenty of police officers are here. the ambulance came and transported everybody. we are talking to witnesses. you'll hear from them coming up on 9 news now at 11:00. and you'll hear from a spokesperson who can give us more details. derek, back to you. >> alex trevino, thank you for that. another big story tonight, believe it or not, snow could be in the air.
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topper is in the weather center. that means he's not outside. that's never a good sign. top? >> i don't want people to take that wrong. we could be outside. we are looking at a big storm heading our way. here's the forecast first. for tonight, light rain and drizzle to start. then we will see heavier steadier rain by dawn. lows an 40 and winds increasing from the north at 10 to 15. let me show you what this storm did up in state college earlier today. they had three inches of snow up there. and now, we're not suggesting in any way this is coming our way but still look at the visibility. you can't see more than a quarter mile. didn't really stick too much. some areas had three inches of the gram nothing on the pavement it is still october and the payment pavement is warm, as well. what is amazing is there are still leaves on the trees. that's a problem. temperatures, 46 was the high. 43 downtown. 43 baltimore. look at this 41 winchester and 41 in cumberland.
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rainfall amounts over the past two days substantial, not crazy but substantial. agent /10 at national but an inch and a third at leesburg and frederick and martinsburg almost an inch and almost an finch winchester. we'll come back and talk about another storm, round two coming our way and we will talk about how close the snow gets to us and believe it or not i have drawn a snowfall ado you meanlation map. i don't believe i have ever done that in october. >> i'm waiting for the bread-0- meter. remember the police activity we told you about and friday rush hour in general has traffic a mess in our region. patranya bhoolsuwan is in this 9 news now traffic center. i can only imagine. >> the rain is not helping the situation when it comes to raising the risk for accidents. we have an accident in bethesda, eastbound democracy boulevard at old georgetown road. the accident is blocking a right lane there. police are trying to clear that mess as we speak. as we switch to 66 westbound. right now no accidents to report. that's the good news but still
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a little slow here nutley past 123. we're not seeing any major incidents after that is clear as folks head in to centreville. on 395, the accident on northbound 395 as we head on to that camera as we go to 395. no accidents there past seminary. we are not seeing anything over there northbound and southbound are looking good. and finally in the district, a concert tonight at 8:00 verizon center expect heavy traffic preand post show and a lot of company on the metro, as well. back to you. >> thank you. we have more to tell you about including a possible flu vaccine shortage. some serious question about the way hundreds of dc teachers were laid off and a series of bank robberies in fairfax. i'm lindsey mastis in mclean. the bank behind me was robbed october 1st, and police believe the same two suspects are responsible for robbing another bank on wednesday.
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>> the last couple of weeks our detectives have been extremely busy. >> officer walker says he is especially concerned about the robbers that hit the what cove ya banks that hit mclean and burke. they believe the suspects are one and the same. >> they have struck more than once, displayed weapons these are two factors that increase our concern. >> reporter: he says both times the suspects wore masks. >> the two suspects ordered all the customers and employees in to a single room. >> reporter: police have been busy investigating this robbery at the united bank in the fair oaks shopping center on tuesday. and on saturday, police say the td bank in the beacon hill area was robbed. >> until we actually catch the guys we really won't know what's motivated them. >> reporter: officer walker says bank customers should be proactive. >> be aware of your surroundings. look inside the bank before you go in. >> reporter: he says if anything looks suspicious call police immediately. i'm armando trull at the wilson building where the dc
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council held a very heated hearing on the dc school layoffs. the dc council is unhappy with chancellor rhee's decision to fire 400 school employees as part of her response to a $40 million budget deficit. >> let's stop playing the bug blame game and stop talking about. if i had more money than i had last year i shouldn't have a budget problem. >> a lot of lies have been told straight up. >> i'm not sure there is any control over budgeting and spending. i'm not sure anybody has a grip on it. >> a lot of the decisions the chancellor's making those are very tough and i'm -- they are not always unanimously accepted. they are the right ones for academic achievement and i support her and continue to do so. >> reporter: i'm scott broom following the developments with this year's flu season and now the seasonal flu vaccine is running short. at a cvs store in calvertton, maryland.
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>> they just run out an hour ago. >> reporter: for carrie and her five kids in search of seasonal flu vaccines. meanwhile the laurel regional hospital has also run out according to prince georges county health officer. while h1n1 is getting a lot attention the seasonal flu is nothing to sneeze at. in an average year 36 thundershower americans die from it. >> the manufacturers basically had to shift gears because the h1n1 vaccine was ready sooner. they wanted to get that distributed. >> yeah, it is frustrating. i called the pediatrician just now and they don't have it either. >> reporter: for more on those story and the day's events go to our website 24 hours a day at turning to the boy and the balloon that had the world watching. police do not believe the incident was a hoax and have released the 911 call that triggered that massive search yesterday for a 6year -old boy thought to be on board a balloon. the helium-filled balloon flew
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from ft. collins to denver, colorado before it touched down in a field near the denver airport. the boy was found later on, not in the balloon but under a box in an attic at the family home. >> we looked everywhere. my son -- >> looks like a flying saucer but no. detectives will interview the family again tomorrow. i know you want to watch me everywhere, in your car, your train and while you are walking down the street. broadcasters and device manufacturers just today agreed to a new standard that ought to make that possible and very soon. here's bruce leshan with a look. >> think of all of those moments. >> the philadelphia phillies. >> reporter: you just had to see live. >> we are, and always will be the united states of america.
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>> reporter: manufacturers are promising a whole mass of devices, net books, cell phones, pmp 3 player that will receive live local television anywhere, anytime. >> in washington, d.c. there will be some seven stations on the air delivering 18 streams of video programming. >> reporter: please don't try this at home but if you took your regular tv and strapped it in your car and started to drive at any kind of speed the signal would very quickly drop out, like that. with a mobile dtv you can watch it while you are walking or driving along at a highway speed. >> we have tested it up to 120 miles an hour for bullet train applications, not in your car. >> look at it. >> some of the cell phone companies have been delivering tv programming in limited areas, but they have had to build their broadcasting networks from scratch, mobile dtv piggyback on the antennas
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tv stations are already installed a coalition of broadcasters, including wusa owner gannette was showing it off on a bus tour in dc. >> that little square in the middle is one chip that pulls in the mobile signal from the air and decodes it. >> reporter: the devices should be available early next year. in washington, bruce leshan, 9 news now and >> oh, that's just great, bruce. in addition to texting and e- mailing and checking the web while folks are behind the wheel they will be watching tv, as well. so then, is tv going mobile really going too far or is it the next step in a process that we can't stop? we'd like to know what you think. send your comments to mcginty's mail bag. we'll get to your comments on the air. the h1n1 vaccine is coming to dc, we'll tell you when it will get here and who will be first in line. after two years on the waiting list for a donor liver, a fredericksburg doctor's life
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is saved thanks to a good friend. i'm peggy fox in richmond. the story is coming up
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i love clothes! so my girlfriend says, "shop tj maxx." "their buyers deal directly with designers... the savings come directly to me!" behold a fashionista... who's now a maxxinista! tj maxx. . the dc department of health will hold a vaccination clinic in every ward beginning next week. they will be open from youth 6 months to 24 years old and to pregnant women. it will be at no charge.
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dc mayor fenty received his seasonal flu shot to remind residents two vaccines are needed this year to protect themselveses from the flu. the mayor said both vaccines will be available to everyone who wants one. >> the hope is and that in our conversations with the cdc between now and early november that we will find out that all of the vaccines necessary to get everybody in the district of columbia a vaccine, should they want it, will be made available sometime by year's end. >> for more information on flu and the h1n1 vaccinations and time than district log on to our website at a fredericksburg doctor spent two years waiting for a liver transplant and getting sicker and sicker. this week a good friend went under the knife to give him part of his liver. that surgery saved the doctor's life.
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>> brian buckley is behind this curtain, not well enough to agree to be photographed but understanding he's been given a second chance at life. >> he's just now starting to realize he's going to be okay. that he may make it. >> reporter: it is thanks to his good fen and coaching buddy geraldo who on monday underwent a 14 hour surgery at vcu medical center for brian. >> the last six months or so every time i have gone to the gym i thought of doing this for brian. >> he waited on a list for a cadaver liver for a must be of months getting sicker and sicker. geraldo may have been his last hope. >> it was scary for his family and us not knowing that geraldo was a match. having to watch that demise. >> reporter: he and his wife mary have three children and weighed the risks. >> there are problems that go with surgery, and i was scared
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for me and brian. i was scared for my family. >> reporter: five days after the surgery, geraldo is headed home an brian is on the path, all beit a long one, to recovery. >> i guess i feel in awe of our friend and mary for saving my husband's life. >> reporter: brian's wife silly says her husband is looking to the future and thinking of statersing his old practice again. in richmond, peggy fox, 9 news now and >> now, this transplant could have happened months ago except another hospital told him he was not a good man for brian. vcu thought he was an excellent match and the family says it is a lesson in terms of getting the all-important second opinion. coming up web wars and how you could be the winner. plus, topper returns with the rainy forecast. keep it here.
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a little sunshine this weekend. priceless [ laughter ] >> yes, indeed. you are going to get wet tomorrow morning. bike dc i want to see everybody out there, though and that will go on no matter what and the gold cup will go on no matter what. that's what they told me. i made a call today and they said they will go on. the next three days, let's concentrate on the third day. >> okay. >> you are not riding. >> that's right. rain heavy at times on saturday. heavy at times ofen sunday and a leftover shower on monday. although i think we will have a decent afternoon. mid-40s on saturday and sunday. and only in the upper 5 -- 50s on monday. after we get to the weekend that will feel nice. the average high is 69. for tonight, cloudy, breezy and cold with rain. drizzle and light rain and heavier and steadier by dawn. lows around 40. winds north 10 to 15. i will show you the live doppler real fast. access this via the web at
7:20 pm and check out the interactive radar. very cool. goes down to your neighborhood and can go across the country. we are looking at light rain up and do you know 95 enbetween fredericksburg through dc and baltimore. a little bit of light activity in the east side of 270. nothing heavy tonight. heavier after midnight and before dawn. become back to the computer, lows either side of 40. 39 great falls. 40 tysons and bethesda. 41 silver spring and 40 for bowie, upper marlboro and andrews. temperatures mid-40s right now and very uniform. that's with clouds and drizzle. and 44 gaitherburg and 46 all the way in fredericksburg. so temperatures pretty uniform but it is a bone-chilling raw cold out there if you are going to see a game or walk the dog tonight. tonight, cloudy, breezy and cold. 38 to 43. winds from the north at 10 to 15. by the afternoon, cloudy breezy
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and cold. and winds are the north at 10 to 15. all right. we will talk about the headlines. big rains on the way. one or two inches by sunday evening. that could be on the low side. heavy rain returns by dawn on saturday. snow two to four inches west of the divide and we will show you where that is in just a minute. and flakes are possible as far as frederick maryland and east in loudoun county. some flakes are possible in here maybe down to clarksburg. generally up to frederick. one to two inches of slushy snow is possible around hagerstown and two to four inches are possible toward garrett, allegheny county west of the divide and that will occur on saturday and again on sunday. so i can't remember drawing one of these in october but there you have it. the nine microcast and we are looking at rain across the board and looking at temperatures on the cool side and heavy rains as we go through saturday evening. if you are go out on saturday evening and heavy rain continues in to sunday as well.
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so be advised it is going to be a mess. satellite picture, radar combined there's one storm. another storm will develop. a lot of energy will dive south and east and that will produce quite the storm over the weekend. zone forecast, rain across the board. 46 woodbridge. 44 fairfax. only about 44 downtown. and upper 40s in by the bay. next seven days, mid-40s tomorrow, mid-40s on sunday. the terps will be wet. the skins will be wet. get ready and we are looking at improving conditions on monday. nice on tuesday, upper 60s. very nice on wednesday an thursday, highs of 70 and okay on friday, pacific pacific and 68. >> we'll look past the rain. >> let's try to do that. >> we'll be right back.
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the fate of john allen muhammad, he has been sentenced to die but is asking for clemency a request getting no sympathy from any of you. john from chantilly says even a sniper deserves the fair trial he got but clemency is another issue. i believe governor kaine was in error to say without reviewing what material was presented to him that he would not likely to consider clemency. >> john, that sounds crazy to me. i cannot imagine it. and neither can clee.
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-- indeed. i guess you can't blame a guy for asking. and then there was an interesting note on gays in the military from greg, who says just my two cents -- you know, greg, that is fairly a decent argument except it presupposed that gays and lesbians aren't are aren't in the military right now which they already are. just not openly. so at the end of the day it is would that little change make that such difference?
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send your comments to the mail bag don't forget is always on. see you a little later.
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